Moyo Island or Pulau Moyo known as Gili Moyo Indonesia is a nature preserve off Sumbawa Island’s north coast since 1986. The island measures 27 km long and 8 to 17 km wide which 22 250 ha preserved as a hunting park and 6,000 ha preserved as Marine Park. Moyo Island is a rocky island with flat contours in the south and in the middle, and hilly in the north with its peak of 600 m at the altitude.

As a hunting park, the island has a very high wild animal potential such as the boars, birds, oxen, snakes, and butterflies. As a marine park, Pulau Moyo has some great un-renown world class diving and snorkeling sites stretching along the white sandy beaches in the superb bays of Brang Sedo, Brang Koa, Sebotok, Sebaru, Labuan Aji, Sangalo, Rajasuwa, and Air Manis. The coral formation in Air Manis measures 3 km long, and 60 meters wide from the low tide line. And Sagelle Atoll off Labuhan Aji village is one of the great snorkeling sites in the island.

Sunset in Moyo Island Sumbawa

Moyo Island is also the place for jungle camping and a hideaway ecotourism with its profound fauna and flora, that offers night fishing tour with the local anglers, day spear fishing, guided ethnomedicine tour, and stay experience at local host.

Holiday Season

Holiday to Moyo Island during the rainy season is not a great idea. Consider not to travel to Moyo Island from December to March to avoid the unfriendly sea.

Travel Hints

Moyo Island has been renown as one of the luxury holiday destinations in Indonesia, and Amanwana is the only resort that offers the luxury. However Moyo Island is not only the great destination for luxury holiday maker but is also a great low cost holiday destination affordable for student, backpacker, and for everybody. As a backpacker who does not stay at the luxury Amanwana, some hints are necessary to consider:

  • Once you arrive at the pier of Labuan Aji, the villager will offer you a place to stay at his home.

  • Overnight-stay at local host sometimes is the only possible solution to the limited accommodation in the island. The host will include the three-time meal in his service.

  • The village in Moyo Island is a Moslem village with mosque, so in the morning and evening you will hear the call to pray in Arabic.

  • The electricity power runs from 18:00 o’clock to 06:00 o’clock every day.

  • If you want to do the tours, kindly discuss with your host for the necessary arrangement.

Dining in a home stay in Moyo Island

Even though you are backpacker with low budget holiday, but during your adventure travel in Moyo Island you can enjoy the same tour and excursion, the same snorkeling experience, visit the same waterfalls, see the same marine flora and fauna, and see the same people with those who travel at luxury.

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