Moyo Island with its nature preserve and tropical jungle with some parts are still well-protected offers a great natural walk and adventure experience from just a natural walk along the white sandy beaches to find a nice spot for snorkeling or relaxing to a soft trekking through the tropical forest, the farm lands, and the clear-water streams.

Moyo Island hosts the two natural waterfalls,  Ai Mboi, Sangalo, and Mata Jitu, the three  waterfalls with different views and characters where you can refresh your mind and body.  Once you finished refreshing in Mata Jitu you can continue your natural walk to the nearby forest for exciting bird watching and medicinal herbs.

Pictures of Moyo Island waterfall in dry season (above), and in wet season (below)

The Waterfalls:

  • Mata Jitu, the Queen waterfall
  • Diwu Mbai waterfall
  • Sangalo waterfall

Other Activity:

  • Forest soft trekking
  • Bird watching
  • Spear fishing
  • Snake cave visit
  • Bats cave visit
  • Rice paddy planting and harvesting with the farmers
  • Ethnomedicine learning
  • Assisting Moyo Island children with English teaching and learning
  • Assisting Moyo people with preventive health information (cancer, heart and cerebrovascular disease)
  • Day-fishing or night-fishing tour with local anglers
  • Around the island boat trip to visit the coastal villages and to snorkeling
  • Mountain biking
  • Motor bike riding
  • Overnight stay at local host

Walking through the wilderness of Moyo Island

Snorkeling Sites:

  • Tanjung Pasir
  • Air Manis
  • Rajasuwa
  • Tanjung Boko
  • Labuan Aji
  • Takat Sagele
  • Sangalo reef
  • Poto Jarum

Moyo Island marine garden  in Labuan Aji bay, near the pier

On boat to snorkeling off Takad Sagele Moyo Island

A tiny atoll of Takad Sagele is surrounded by the great marine park

Cycling in Moyo Island

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